need passion,,,

Jika Anda dapat memimpikannya, Anda dapat melakukannya!!!

Walt Disney –



Berhati-hatilah dalam meyakini
“Segala sesuatu akan indah
pada waktunya.”

ada waktu untuk orang lamban,
dan ada waktu untuk dia yang cepat.

Keindahan itu lebih cepat datangnya,
jika kita tulus untuk segera memulai
dan setia bekerja sampai selesai.

Menunda tindakan yang baik
adalah menunda datangnya kebahagiaan,
sambil berendam di dalam kegelisahan.

Indahkanlah hidup Anda, segera.

-Mario Teguh-


I just read this quote from my facebook, and i like it! Sometime, we always think that something will be beautiful in the time, it’s good if balanced with our action. But, don’t make a wrong assumption that make us lazy to try and hope a miracle in our life without an effort!! ^^


Saturday V^_^V

I love Saturday!!! Becoz in Saturday, I do not have to go to the office,Yeaayy!!!!;P…But, unlucky me, today I have to go to campus to replace my teaching schedule because of my absence yesterday.

This is what I wore when I went to campus

And in the afternoon, me and my family went to Pemali (Pemali is pemandian air panas) about 20 minutes from my house.

mom - me

Yeeaayyy!!!! I’m so tired but so happy today., Alhamdulillah,, Have a nice weekend friends,, V^_^V


Weekend and Family


Dear blog,,,

I’m so happy in my weekend. I did anything with my family. Last Friday, my mother’s friend and her family came to our house. I called her, tante Lily”. Tante Lily and her children came from Palembang to Bangka in last Wednesday. They stay at tante Lily’s brother. Tante Lily is my mother’s old friend. They have been friends since they was in junior high school. And woW, until now, they are so awesome.

Tante Lily is very pleasant and friendly. I like her so much. When she met me, she immediately hugged and kissed me. It’s my first time I met her. Before, I only hear her voice by phone. O ya, my Mom and tante Lily do not have to meet for 6 years, so they’re so excited. These are some pictures we made.

me - tante Lily - my MoMMe – Tante Lily – My Mom

And then, we went to Parai Beach, about 10 minutes from my house. Actually, tante Lily and her children really wanted to swim, but it was night, so we just walked and take some pictures.

And finally, we had dinner in Raja Laut seafood restaurant

I really love this day,,

i never met my mother’s friend like tante Lily, she is beautiful, full humor, and so friendly. i like her so much. i hope i can meet you again!!  V^_^V


My New Year !!!

Assalamualaikum,, V^_^V

WooWW,,really can’t believe,,today is the last day in 2010!!!!

So many things that i had spent in this year..alhamdulillah,,alhamdulillah,,alhamdulillah,,sampe di awal tahun ini, Allah still give me breath to breathe. Begitu banyak suka,,kadang sedih,,yaa,,joy and sorrow are the couple that always turn in our life. In my life, myself, my family, my career, my friends, all give color. So many surprises!!! Smile, joke, laught, gifts, and i Love Love love all!!!

I hope, in the new year, i can do the best in my life, become a better person,,insyaallah,,aamiin,,

Good night all,,

Happy New Year 2011,,