Weekend and Family


Dear blog,,,

I’m so happy in my weekend. I did anything with my family. Last Friday, my mother’s friend and her family came to our house. I called her, tante Lily”. Tante Lily and her children came from Palembang to Bangka in last Wednesday. They stay at tante Lily’s brother. Tante Lily is my mother’s old friend. They have been friends since they was in junior high school. And woW, until now, they are so awesome.

Tante Lily is very pleasant and friendly. I like her so much. When she met me, she immediately hugged and kissed me. It’s my first time I met her. Before, I only hear her voice by phone. O ya, my Mom and tante Lily do not have to meet for 6 years, so they’re so excited. These are some pictures we made.

me - tante Lily - my MoMMe – Tante Lily – My Mom

And then, we went to Parai Beach, about 10 minutes from my house. Actually, tante Lily and her children really wanted to swim, but it was night, so we just walked and take some pictures.

And finally, we had dinner in Raja Laut seafood restaurant

I really love this day,,

i never met my mother’s friend like tante Lily, she is beautiful, full humor, and so friendly. i like her so much. i hope i can meet you again!!  V^_^V


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About rezkiraksi

Rezki Anggita Raksi is an ordinary person who really loves her life. She had graduated from Chemistry Department of Padjadjaran University in August 2008. She has been teaching since the beginning of the year in 2009. She loves to learn, read, write, watch, and listen music. Enjoy her posting!

2 thoughts on “Weekend and Family

  1. thank you mbak riris, because tante is very happy to meet again with old friends and her children are sweet and handsome ..

    this happiness will not be forgotten and will always remember auntie ..
    I hope this meeting will happen again ..
    amin …

    a day hanging out with you guys seemed to have met dozens of years and my children are very proud of your mother (tante maulina) is very nice and friendly ..

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