Saturday V^_^V

I love Saturday!!! Becoz in Saturday, I do not have to go to the office,Yeaayy!!!!;P…But, unlucky me, today I have to go to campus to replace my teaching schedule because of my absence yesterday.

This is what I wore when I went to campus

And in the afternoon, me and my family went to Pemali (Pemali is pemandian air panas) about 20 minutes from my house.

mom - me

Yeeaayyy!!!! I’m so tired but so happy today., Alhamdulillah,, Have a nice weekend friends,, V^_^V


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About rezkiraksi

Rezki Anggita Raksi is an ordinary person who really loves her life. She had graduated from Chemistry Department of Padjadjaran University in August 2008. She has been teaching since the beginning of the year in 2009. She loves to learn, read, write, watch, and listen music. Enjoy her posting!

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