My New Year !!!

Assalamualaikum,, V^_^V

WooWW,,really can’t believe,,today is the last day in 2010!!!!

So many things that i had spent in this year..alhamdulillah,,alhamdulillah,,alhamdulillah,,sampe di awal tahun ini, Allah still give me breath to breathe. Begitu banyak suka,,kadang sedih,,yaa,,joy and sorrow are the couple that always turn in our life. In my life, myself, my family, my career, my friends, all give color. So many surprises!!! Smile, joke, laught, gifts, and i Love Love love all!!!

I hope, in the new year, i can do the best in my life, become a better person,,insyaallah,,aamiin,,

Good night all,,

Happy New Year 2011,,



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About rezkiraksi

Rezki Anggita Raksi is an ordinary person who really loves her life. She had graduated from Chemistry Department of Padjadjaran University in August 2008. She has been teaching since the beginning of the year in 2009. She loves to learn, read, write, watch, and listen music. Enjoy her posting!

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